eSports Workshop

eSports Economy Lab and Research Center established on Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University, works on the scientific aspect in the fields that the sectoral requirements within the scope of integration studies of eSports and education.

A workshop will be organized with the participation of public and private sector representatives in the e-sports ecosystem, which is growing very fast in our conference. The topics of the workshop are listed below and additionals will be added according to the demands of the participants.

  • eSports as a Sector

  • eSports Administration and the Future of eSports

  • eSports as a Powerful Career (eSports Ecosystem, Shoutcaster and Announcers – Diction Training, Tournament Refereeing and Management, eSport Business Management, Coaching – Management)

  • Disadvantageous Groups and eSports in perspective of Inclusion and Employment (For Youth, Handicapped etc.)

  • Importance of eSports Infrastructure and Education

  • Local Authorities and eSports

  • Cooperation and Contribution of University-Industry Partnership

  • eSports Branding and Marketing

  • eSports Development

  • Law at eSports

  • Health and eSports